Tamar Moss and SungAh Kim, Project Green Bathroom

Project Green Bathroom, co-founded by SungAh Kim and Tamar Moss, is a student-run initiative to reduce the environmental impact of Bloomington High School South and to raise environmental awareness in the student body. The project reduces waste, energy usage, and water consumption in bathrooms through simple, yet impactful renovations. SungAh and Tamar started the project after they noticed how resource intensive the bathrooms at their school were. They decided to take action with the goal of educating their peers through info-graphics, which will be hung on the backs of stall doors, and social media campaigns. Monroe County School Corporation and Bloomington High School South are continually improving energy efficiency through sustainability focused initiatives. This project is a perfect example of how student advocacy and leadership play an important role in advancing this cause.

GRANT AWARD DATE: February 12, 2016