Swaroon Sridhar and Mark Huerta, 33 Buckets

Date grant awarded: July 28, 2016

Swaroon Sridhar, Mark Huerta, Vid Micevic, and Paul Strong are the leaders of 33 Buckets, a consultancy that works with rural communities to create sustainable, clean water franchises. The team utilizes a three-pronged model, consisting of filtration, business, and educational components to comprehensively and sustainably solve a community’s clean water deficiency. A realization of the team’s model consists of constructing a filter in the community, establishing a small business to distribute the purified water, and educating the community on water sanitation and hygiene. 33 Buckets has brought clean water and water sanitation education to over 13,000 people in three different countries, and is set to work with more in Peru in the coming year.