Stephanie Salisbury and Andie Kingsbury, Cloth Diaper Ministry

Date grant awarded: NOVEMBER 15, 2013

Stephanie Salisbury and Andi Kingsbury understand the struggles of raising a family and making ends meet. Through volunteering at local food pantries, they realized that one of the main needs are boxes of disposable diapers, and food stamps can’t be used for diapers.  Stephanie and Andie Kingsbury created the Cloth Diaper Ministry in Elkhart County, Indiana, as a way to both forward environmentally-friendly solutions while also serving this huge need in low income families.
This project, under the umbrella of their “Green Olive Ministries”, teaches women how to sew cloth diapers for themselves and for local food pantries in Elkhart County, Indiana.  “If we can speak to these people, teach them sustainable living skills, budgeting, upcycling, how to make their own detergents, diapers, and more – we are giving them the ability to change their futures and the futures of others in our community.” Stephanie says.

The Pollination Project is providing startup funding for equipment to sew the cloth diapers.