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Stanley Didi, Tupike Na Briquette

Stanley Didi grew up in the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, where he collected plastics and scrap metal in order to feed himself. Eventually, with the help of a local pastor, Stanley was able to enroll in a plastic recycling and waste management course where he was inspired to work for the promotion of environmentally sustainable development in Kenya’s most impoverished communities.

Stanley’s work is critical in a country devastated by several years of severe drought and widespread starvation. To make matters worse, as Kenya’s population has continued to expand, the growing need for basic resources has resulted in alarming rates of deforestation that have further contributed to the possibility of regional environmental collapse.

In his most recent project, Tupike Na Briquette, Stanley is helping to address his community’s need for cooking fuel by promoting the use of affordable, biomass briquettes as an alternative to wood fuel. Over the next 12 months, Stanley will use diverted agricultural waste products to produce 1.5 tons of briquettes. With the help of local leaders, he plans to sell the briquettes at reduced prices to residents of impoverished communities throughout Nairobi.

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