Makebe Mounif Makebe Mounif Lionel Guy

Spee Arts Cultural Centre – Spee Arts Gallery Cultural Centre

Spee Arts Gallery Cultural Centre is a project that is engaging vulnerable displaced youth as peace advocates in the Northwest region of Cameroon. This project will address the recent and on ongoing socio political crisis in the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon. Many souls and properties have been lost, some people have lost their hard earned jobs; others their right to education, and a fair amount of young girls becoming early age mothers. In recognizing this, we were determined to mitigate these negative actions.

In doing so, I thought to engage twenty vulnerable youths in an artistic training to help better up and sustain their various lives, and as well create peace advocates. My motive behind this initiative is to engage youth in an arts training to let them forget some of their losses suffered as a result of this ongoing crisis. Additionally, I wish to promote peaceful coexistence in diversity. The seed grand from The Pollination Project is unique and important in that it will help me acquire certain materials in need to facilitate to the accomplishment of the set objective and goals of this initiative.