Sonya Ann Allen, Veteran’s Horse Barn Access and Renovation2017-09-26T16:10:16+00:00

Sonya Ann Allen, Veteran’s Horse Barn Access and Renovation

Date grant awarded: 1/17/2017

Veterans Art and Farm Therapy is a charity developed by former art therapist and current art teacher and owner of Stargazer Stables, Sonya Allen to support veterans with mental illness by providing farm activities for veterans and their families. Hampton Roads, VA is home to a vast number of retired and disabled veterans with mental disorders in need of therapeutic outdoor activities to help get them back onto the path of recovery. The Veteran’s Farm Renovation project specifically eases the stress of veterans unfamiliar with horses and their behaviors by improving the farm facility structural environment. Volunteers and veterans will work together to provide increased safety measures such as individual tacking-up areas, stall structure integrity, and better accessibility of stable facility for veterans and their children.

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