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Solutionary Events – Solutionary Events – Events To Change The World

On a planet shared by all living beings, we are all connected. The choices we make locally affect human & non-human animals and ecosystems globally. For instance, rainforests are known as “lungs of the planet” since they produce 20–30% of the Earth’s oxygen. Tragically, between one and two acres of rainforest are cleared each second to create space for animal agriculture. It can sometimes be a challenge for people to perceive how our actions on a minor scale contribute to the devastation of entire ecosystems, however, if one considers the impact of beef purchased at a local grocery store; a single pound of beef wastes an average of 2,500 gallons of water, uses 16 pounds of grain and emits 26 pounds of greenhouse gases. By simply not buying a pound of beef, an individual can benefit the planet, feed the hungry, and importantly, spare the lives of animals. If we do not start caring about the impact humans have on this planet we call home, we will have nothing left to care about. Education and advocacy are the most powerful tools to enact positive, sustainable changes.

The role of a solutionary is to be a conscientious, dedicated advocate for solutions in the world; to partner with projects, organizations, and other human beings for the endurance of our collective future; and to protect the environment with regenerative communities. As a Florida based non-profit volunteer-operated initiative, Solutionary Events introduces people to the benefits and accessibility of a socially responsible vegan lifestyle through a series of educational, mindful and ecological outreaches around the Sunshine State. Coordinating events and training new leaders to organize successful outreach activities, the Solutionary Events team is dedicated to creating harmony and connection between animals, including our fellow humankind, and the environment through extensive humane education programs.

The Solutionary Events team has dedicated our lives to continuously strive to be a part of the solution with regard to health, compassion, and environmental regeneration. Too long throughout history have various marginalized communities been fighting for when it will be their turn for justice. It is time to establish important connections to create a world that has an understanding of what it means to embrace justice for all–justice for other fellow humans, justice for non-human animals, and justice for the environment. Our food, water and oxygen comes from the earth, and it is our responsibility to steward these resources with utmost, intentional care. This also means extending compassion and kindness to the planet’s inhabitants by ensuring their health, safety, respect, and well being. It is important for people to understand that blissful ignorance is only bliss for those who are blind to suffering. And the only way to create a world of peace and understanding is through awareness. Solutionary Events was generated on the basis of connection and collaboration. Historically, humans may have actually once been known as the “keepers” of ecosystems. Our species played a significant role in the environment, similar to all other species of animals. Humans helped to keep and maintain balanced biodiversity, foraged for food, and built their own shelters out of natural resources. As time progressed, obviously dramatic changes in the relationship between humans and their environment occurred. As skillfully adaptive creatures, humans continue to experience exponential change, especially in relatively recent years.

Our team came together to serve as a way of bringing people, groups, organizations, and ideas together to collectively strengthen an overall movement of making the world a better place. Ultimately, we aim to teach human beings how to move from being known as a problematic species to this planet, so we can mobilize toward being a “solutionary species”. The most important aspect of Solutionary Events is that we aim to not compete with other organizations – we strive to bring movements together as a way of demonstrating how competitive cooperation is the most effective strategy to establish a concept of world peace favorable to the perspective of all beings in existence.

Solutionary Events began as a grassroots initiative to educate children about health, compassion, and environmental protection through summer camps and workshops. It was intended to eventually become a platform and resource for other educators and community leaders to develop their own programs and curriculum to be used in schools or private outreach settings. Meeting like-minded people, learning about The Pollination Project, and finding a venue to host the first Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp connected the necessary pieces to launch a project that has now become a series of state-wide education programs for people of all ages to benefit from. The initial seed grant launched a successful summer camp program that inspired children to educate their parents, encouraged more people to become involved as volunteers, motivated parents to suggest new education programs, and led our team to exploring the possibilities of how far we could run with what we had learned from the experience. Though it has taken a great deal of hard work and other fundraising efforts to be where we are today, Solutionary Events’ education programs certainly would not have grown as quickly or as successfully as they have without the initial support of The Pollination Project. Receiving a larger follow up award will allow us to purchase the materials to supply our new volunteers and interns with the resources needed to set them up for success in their advocacy efforts as a part of the Solutionary Events team. At this point of Solutionary Events’ development, The Pollination Project’s follow up award is absolutely imperative to allow our team to continue to move forward with our goals. Solutionary Events sprouted through the seeds The Pollination Project initially planted with the first grant our team received. We are grateful beyond words for TPP’s support, enthusiasm, and encouragement that has continued to nurture our growth and ensure the future of our endeavors to work with others to create a healthy, compassionate, and regenerative world.

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