Jeremiah Steen - Social Shift

Social Shift

Social Shift invests in the social and creative development of teens who live in the Detroit Metropolitan area. Detroit Public School Community District has lost approximately $6.5 million under Public Act 8 and as a result, the budget for art classes, musical theater and stem programs have been underfunded or diminished in the attempt to save the schools. The unconscious stripping of creative and innovative output is deterring kids from inquisitive thinking, and their ability to socialize in a effective manner.

Jeremiah Steen is planning community outreach events that will bring together teens to brainstorm how to make positive impact, promote strong inquisitive thinking, and how to advance their view of community through a creative perspective. The planning and executing process with the teens will be an opportunity for them to give back to the community, gain leadership abilities and receive community service hours to help their advancement in school.

“There seems to be a reoccurring theme of adults planning teen events without teen input or advisory. My fellowship idea will revaluate and dispel that way of planning. This project will not only give teens a chance to ‘just plan events’, but it will give them the opportunity to voice their opinions and create a space for teens to collaborate and voice their opinions in a safe environment.”