SinFin collective-participant Jinks digs holes for compost bin stakes at SinFin Land Project located in Morelos, Mexico

SinFin Collective – SinFin Land Project

SinFin is a collective land project in the pueblo of Oaxtepec, Morelos, dedicated to building a base of mutual aid, grassroots organizing, and sustainable living practices. Nestled between the Yautepec and Cuautla rivers, the valley’s fertile soil served as the most ancient botanical garden in the “Americas” and the first modern hospital to use indigenous herbal medicine. Today, Oaxtepec is facing a new threat. Its economy relies largely on tourism from Mexico City and its residents are starting to sell their land to development projects that are depleting the area’s abundant fresh water deposits.

Every day, less and less water is being left behind for low-income residents. Oaxtepec’s public library has remained closed due to damages caused by the devastating earthquake of 2017 where residents failed to receive assistance from government relief funds. Neighbors in the region who attempted to deliver supplies were intercepted at police check-points and the materials seized. SinFin aims to interrupt this dynamic by creating alternatives to extractivism and building up the resources needed to fight against it.

We see ourselves as part of an endless cross-pollination of resistances! We are committed to self-organizing a library, an herbal apothecary and a garden in order to support a self-sustaining ecosystem, a social mycelium that connects local knowledge, food harvesting, herbal medicine, and reforestation. We hope to manifest an inclusive and inter-generational space where people can meet, connect, and form meaningful relationships that give rise to fertile grounds of struggle.