Sidni Lamb - New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference

Sidni Lamb, New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference

Date grant awarded: 06/20/2017

More than just an annual one-day gathering, the New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference represents a journey of established and emerging mindful leaders in the “Land of Enchantment”. Sidni Lamb, founder and visionary of Mindful New Mexico, organized the first conference in 2015, attracting a deliberately diverse collection of individuals. Since then, the journey has attracted and included an inter-generational chorus of mindful voices.

The New Mexico Leaders in Mindfulness Conference aims to empower and mentor mindful members of younger generations, while strengthening bonds and maximizing the impact of its more seasoned individuals. Discussions focus on action, with emphasis on leadership development, community interaction and the power and potential of the gift economy. As a result, inspired coalitions have formed to address issues for which the best solutions come from mindful engagement.

Lamb and other members of the mindful community in New Mexico recognize issues that affect individuals and families throughout the state: low graduation rates, rising poverty and a growing sense of isolation for many individuals and organizations. The conference brings attention to the creative, innovative individuals and cultural diversity that are rich resources in New Mexico, and to where mindfulness is making an impact in the state to transform the status quo. With recognition that solutions should be systemic in nature, the conference aims to leverage the proven power of mindfulness with an emphasis on energizing tomorrow’s leaders today.