Some members weeding maize ( practicals) on Deborah`s farm

Shitungu Women Empowerment Group – Shitungu Women Empowerment Group

Shitungu Women Empowerment Group operates in Kakamega County and aims at improving the well being of women and the community by campaigning for a conducive and inclusive economic, social, cultural and political environment. The founder, Deborah Munyekenye, believes that to have an empowered society and community, women must be economically empowered, thus willing to positively contribute to the economy.

The group envisages achieving their objectives through capacity building, mentoring, coaching, training, and encouraging the community to use the locally and readily available resources of fertile land plus annual rainfall to partake in agribusiness to earn income and end poverty and hunger. This will lead to the achievement of the sustainable development goals 1 and 2, which are to “End poverty in all its forms everywhere” and “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.”