Shequoia Henderson, LaBrina Lyné Foundation, Inc

Date grant awarded: July 21, 2016

When her 17 year old cousin LaBrina Pullard was shot and killed in a brutal shooting in 2005, during which over 100 bullets were fired, Shequoia Henderson felt confusion, sadness, and anger. She recognized that this was the reality of life for so many young people in Los Angeles County, and that countless other families had been touched by violence and loss. For Shequoia, who was born and raised in Compton, the murder of her cousin brought with it a desire to prevent the same thing happening to others, and she decided that the best way to honor her cousin was to live out LaBrina’s dream of a better future for other young people.

in 2012, Shequoia founded the LaBrina Lyné Foundation Inc (LLF), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing young people with the tools to guide them and help protect them from the violence of the streets. LLF adopts a holistic approach to their work, helping young people build self esteem and life skills, carrying out drives and small events to provide access to school supplies and self care items, and by raising awareness of gang violence, human trafficking, and other issues affecting the community.

Shequoia and LLF are building a resilient future for Compton one young person at a time, and they will receive a flow fund grant via Youth Leadership Team Member Kehli Berry to support their events and drives for 2016.