Service Space & Giftivism

pune_blackWe are starting July with a sampling of very unique and inspiring grants made by one of our Flow Fund partners. We recently gave Service Space a grant of $5,000 to re-gift to individuals within their all-volunteer, international ecosystem of 400,000 generosity warriors.

The funds we provided were used in conjunction with a “Giftivism” (the practice of radical acts of generosity to change the world) gathering in Pune, India. Fifty five people participated in that gathering, and our funds were given to participants to use for service-based projects (each participant received about $100).

One of the goals of the money, as the Service Space team describes it, was to find a way for financial capital to convert itself into compassion capital. How can something like money- imbued with so much meaning- be used to create the ripples of more compassion in the world?

We are dedicating our first grants of July to some of the people and projects that were seeded during this gathering.  Please note, these grantees are a representation of the larger group, as there were 55 people who received micro grants.  To share more effectively, we picked a small sampling of 4 grantees from the group which we share about below (July 1-4th, 2013).