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Senka Domović Bulut, Waiting for Goda

Montenegrin women are often marginalized due to societal expectations, leaving little room for them to explore outside the traditional, Montenegrin mother type. Furthermore, it is common for women to feel pressure to choose a sex-selective abortion, causing a surplus of males. Senka Domović Bulut, Director Sladjana Vujovic, and Urban Nova, are committed to bringing this to the forefront through Waiting for Goda, a reframe on Samuel Becket’s famous 1949 all male play, Waiting for Godot.

Senka and Urban Nova envision a place where creativity and peaceful activism merge to overcome deeply rooted prejudices of patriarchal communities. Waiting for Goda is a forum theater production in the coastal town of Herceg Novi, Montenegro, that will be directed in an open-ended fashion, allowing for sincere and spontaneous creativity and interaction between the audience and artists. By staging the performance in this fashion, audience members will be made aware of the challenges women grapple with. Following the performances, workshops will be employed that allow for greater examination on both the prejudices women face and their ways of overcoming them. Individuals who partake in this journey will have a direct impact on the production and the audience interaction leading to the goal of gender equality.

A seed grant will help Senka and Urban Nova provide actor travel, stage lighting and sound, communication, costumes and post-performance workshops.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: November 1, 2015

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