Sean Nuccio, Tranel Aaron, John Adoli – Mombasa Hamlets

Sean Nuccio, Tranel Aaron, and John Adoli are the founders of the project, Mobasa Hamlets, located in Kenya. Mombasa Hamlets is a program that works to empower the youth living on the street in Mombasa. The organizers of the project want to help the youth realize their full potential. The program houses and cares for homeless youth, helps youth get off drugs and into schools, and partners with local businesses to provide jobs.

Mombasa Hamlets uses soccer to create opportunities for young people to learn the value of teamwork and discipline while teaching them valuable lessons about character. They create an environment where the youth feel loved, cared for, and empowered to pursue their dreams. The Pollination Project grant will be used to purchase soccer equipment and uniforms for participants in the program.