T Joseph Paul

Savara Indigenous Community – Support for Nutritional Gardens in Indigenous Schools

Thelakatt Joseph Paul is the founder of Society for Community Development, a non-profit organization working among the indigenous community in India to improve the livelihoods of others. His Support for Nutritional Gardens in Indigenous Schools project aims to educate the school going children, teachers, committee members, and community stakeholders of Srikakulam on the importance of developing nutritional gardens. The project will ensure to contribute an additional supply of nutritional intake with their school meals, supplied by the government.

This project is needed because it not only creates awareness among the school children and community on the importance of organic farming, but also it provides an additional food supply to the children. In most government schools, the use of land and water is not properly used. Coupled with the malnutrition among indigenous children, it inspired Joseph and his team to start a nutritional program.

The main activities include building awareness on organic farming and nutrition, improving soil fertility, planting seasonal vegetables, collecting and preserving indigenous seeds, and collaborating with governmental departments for accessing technical and financial support.