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Sarah Arnd Linder, Political is Personal

Date grant awarded: July 22, 2016

Political is Personal (PiP), founded by Sarah Arnd Linder, is an initiative of in-depth interviews conducted with Palestinian and Israeli women, in which they safely and freely share how their lives have been affected by the realities of this conflict. 30 stories have been published on PiP’s website and Facebook page so far.

In Fall 2016 PiP will be presented at an exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, facilitated and organized by the European Platform for Middle East Dialogue, to display the project’s mission, methodology and the stories to European policymakers. The costs of the logistics behind the event have been generously covered by the Pollination Project and makes it possible for PiP to reach an influential crowd of policy-makers and to allow for more women in the region to be heard.

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