Sara Vasquez and Kristen Eaton, Yoga Belly Project 2016-10-17T08:32:44+00:00

Sara Vasquez and Kristen Eaton, Yoga Belly Project

A group of women are pictured doing the downward dog yoga pose while a woman stands in the distance.

Recent years have shown a growing interest in yoga amongst pregnant women, with its promise of improved health of mind, body and spirit all the while easing the fear, stress and physical discomfort that pregnancy can bring. In Vallejo, California, USA, Sara Vasquez and Kristen Eaton have created the Yoga Belly Project as a way to provide free and donation-based doula services as well as prenatal and mother and baby yoga. Partnered with local health clinics, OB-GYN providers, birth centers and hospitals, the project intents to strengthen collaboration and preventative services.

Date grant awarded: October 17, 2016
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