Samarrth Khanna

Samarrth Khanna, Pragati Singla, Nirmal Ji – SEWAM Mini Forest Brigade

At the age of 16, Samarrth started SEWAN (Society Empowered for the Welfare of Animals and Mankind) Mini Forest Brigade and organized more than 20 student colleagues to remove trash from areas in the City of Fariabad, India. After removing thousands of pounds of plastic, Samarrth and his colleagues then planted trees and plants, and created mini forests.

SEWAM Mini Forest Brigade is showing that anyone can get involved in improving cities by reducing trash fields and planting trees. Samarrth is an inspiration to everyone who meets him, and he wants to show other students what they have done so people can replicate in other cities. He wants to give people tours of the mini forest “so students can learn about urban biodiversity and wildlife, as we only conserve what we love, and we only love what we know, and we only know what we are taught.” SEWAM Mini Forest Brigade wants to help others be better citizens too.