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Children from Little Children Home hold up their pictures with smiles.

Ruth Abeyomare, Little Children Home

For many children across the globe, education is a privilege that one may not get to enjoy due to health, family support or school fees. In May 2015, Ruth Abeyomare and her co-leader Gift Onohwo started Little Children Home in Effurun, Nigeria, a project that provides free childcare for parents who do not have the monetary resources to send them to school.

Due to school fees being too high to pay at once, Little Children Home keeps the children busy with arts-based activities, age appropriate games and outside play while their parents are working to save money that will eventually send their children back to school. There is a 6-month rotation at Little Children Home, a time frame that Ruth and Gift have found to be adequate for the parents to save enough money. The safe space that is provided through this project keeps the children off the streets and thus lowers the risk of engaging in crime, early marriage or forced prostitution.

Funds awarded by The Pollination Project will allow Little Children Home to purchase a projector, educational videos, art supplies, pencils, number flash cards, a bookshelf, toys, paint and posters to transition the space into a creative learning environment.

Ruth notes, “ Compassion for the children of the poor caused me to come up with this project. It is my hope that it helps move us all to a more compassionate and socially just world when others see our works and emulate us.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 6, 2015

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