Rosanne and David Crump, Literacy Plus Project

Date grant awarded: August 21, 2016

Youth Leadership Team member, Chris McGilvery, believes that every child should have access to books of their own. Owning a book is something that is easy to take for granted, but many children grow up never having a copy of a story they love that they can call their own. Books are special, and a single book can be the spark which ignites a love of reading – leading to improved literacy and giving young people the chance to succeed.

In Austin, Texas, Rosanne and David Crump of the Literacy Plus Project share this conviction. By giving children in Title I schools their own books, they foster this love of reading starting at a kindergarten level. Many of the students that they serve have little to no access to books during vacations, and the Literacy Plus Project is a vital bridge between schools and the children’s homes, giving them something to cherish while providing opportunities for them to keep learning during long breaks from school.

Rosanne, David and their team run book drives and gather to clean and distribute books to children in their community. Children get to pick the books that they want to read, and the team report that even the very young kids involved in the program pick up science books as well as popular storybooks. The message is clear – kids want to learn, but we need to support them with the opportunities to do so.

Chris selected the Literacy Plus Project for this $1000 grant because he was amazed by the depth of the connections that they have built in the community, and by their passion for serving these young people. The funds will support the development of their outreach and book drive materials, and will allow them to serve many more young readers in Austin!