the collected P.E.T bottles

Ropeit Recycling Machine – Ropeit Recycling Machine

Ropeit Recycling Machine is used to recycle P.E.T bottles into threads, which is then converted into ropes that are used to make furniture. The machine was made by a company called Leadpro Enterprises, located in Nairobi City, Kenya. This project aims at reducing plastic wastes that have clogged various drainage systems during the rainy seasons. As a result of this work, the environment around Nairobi is clean and by-products are created from the waste that people dispose of. Furthermore, this project creates job opportunities for the individuals living in the area.

Sylvester Oketch, whom helps lead this work, was inspired by cleaning the space he lives in and making it habitable for human use. Funds from The Pollination Project will help make sample machines that they will sell to woman and youth groups that are equally as conscious about the environment while creating jobs.