Roger Quannah Settler

Roger Quannah Settler and Laura Gentry, Overton Community Gardens

Date grant awarded: 6/30/2017

The Overton Community Gardens are actively partnered with the Historic Overton South Neighborhood Alliance. Founded by Roger “Melina” Settler and Laura Gentry in April 2015, these gardens are strategically located in an area of high visibility between the Guadalupe Community Garden and the Heart of Lubbock Community Garden. The project is situated on a large lot with trees and a historic building that will one day house the offices of the Neighborhood Alliance and other nearby community gardens, as well as a small museum and library.

The project serves all Lubbock residents but focuses on the Overton South neighborhood. Overton South is a mixture of Texas Tech students, longtime elderly citizens and minority residents, and is mostly low-income. A substantial need exists to provide green space, educational opportunities and quality organic produce to the residents. The Overton Community Gardens represent the best of old Lubbock, and their preservation will provide future generations with an opportunity to experience life as it once was.