Resources, Justice & Management – COVID-19 SIP Domestic Violence & Child Abuse Prevention

Domestic violence and child abuse are a concern in American households without a state of emergency. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, families are forced to face some of the detrimental relationships within their households. Through our organizations’ efforts, we will release virtual outlets for understanding and resources in regards to COVID-19. In addition, we will offer webinars and live broadcasts on mental health, wealth, safety, conflict de-escalation, and prevention strategies. Additionally, we have an emergency contact advocates available 24 hours for immediate intervention.

The Governor has placed a “shelter in place” order on the State of Minnesota – and many other Governors have done the same. I am a domestic violence survivor so I know that this will put some people’s livelihood at the hands of their abuser’s mercy. With that in thought, we have produced systems for them to reach out for help in a time of need and code symbols – window decals – for parties who are at high risk. In addition, we created social media outlets for resources and understanding COVID- 19 during this unprecedented time.