Abraham Mwaura

Abraham Mwaura – Quest4Earth

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Abraham Mwaura
Project Name: Quest4Earth
Grant Location: Joliet, IL, USA

Funding Partner: Fox

Project Description: “Quest4Earth project” is an exciting initiative that aims to use the power of hip-hop and storytelling to organize youth leaders to understand and stand up to the climate justice crisis. Through this project, youth learn what is causing climate crisis and how to be resilient in facing sweeping environmental changes. This project provides face-to-face workshops and online tools for youth to communicate and learn through culture, creativity and hope. This project is developing a Q4E curriculum and activity kit, which can be used by science teachers to meet Next Generation Science Standards.

The project has a long-term investment and obligation in young people to learn and stand up for the climate crisis. In one of the Quest4Earth workshop exercises youth participate in discussions with the seventh generation principal. It is important to relate the realities and causes of the climate and ecological crisis with youth so that they understand the social justice and scientific consequences of human activity. Addressing the climate crisis through the lens of hip-hop culture makes the content relatable, gives youth a creative outlet to express themselves, and provides a vehicle for youth to be change makers.