Prescilla Awino - Organic Smart Farming

Prescilla Awino – Organic Smart Farming

Date grant awarded: 08/23/2017

Organic Smart Farming is a project initiated by Prescilla Awino Onyango, who has a passion for environmental conservation and agribusiness.

She believes in humankind and the protection of their wellbeing, which is why the project was created as a solution to the following problems in her region, along the shores of Lake Victoria in Dunga Beach, Kenya: food insecurity, land scarcity, poor plastic waste management and high cost of artificial fertilizer, among others. The project aims to transform the community farming habits to sustainable, organic methods with the ultimate aim of finding solutions in the use of composted human manure for farming, preparation of organic manure, construction of a kitchen garden and smart urban farming (hanging plastic gardens).

Women and the school environmental club from Dunga are the pioneers of change, adopting these new methods, promoting entrepreneurship through business yields, providing alternative livelihoods (as most depends on fishing) and above all creating demonstration farms as a learning centers for students.