Prem Coelho, Meals on Wheels

Prem Coelho Giftivism, Meals on Wheels, IndiaDeeply touched by the  homeless people in her community, Prem was inspired to start Meals on Wheels, a volunteer driven initiative to prepare love filled meals for homeless people once a week.

There is no centralized kitchen and every week different volunteers (volunteer age range is 2-80!) offer their kitchen for the cooking. After cooking the meal, the volunteers sit in silence and send their blessings into the world. Then they drive around the streets and offer the meal to whoever looks like they need it.  Perm encourages the volunteers to engage thru conversations with each meal recipient as this is a simple way to reconnect with the humanity within each person.

Prem shares, “One cold winter day, we wanted to hand out blankets along with food. When the shopkeeper got to know of our intentions, he gave us a discount as well as some extra blankets as his contribution!”  She has already been fielding inquiries from other communities who want to start something similar.


This grant was awarded via our Flow Fund partnership with Service Space.