Pivot Food Investment – Defund Factory Farming

New factory farms are being built all over the world, and especially in emerging markets where industrial farming practices are becoming increasingly commonplace. In order to prevent the growth of factory farming and intensive agriculture operations, our project – Defund Factory Farming – seeks to stigmatize investment in the animal agriculture industry in order to limit its ability to build new infrastructure. We will do so by shedding light on the inherent and ever-increasing financial risks associated with factory farming. This approach could be a viable means of stemming the expansion of fish/chicken farming in low- and middle-income countries.

A world without factory farming means a world without factory farm financing. We plan to run factory farming divestment campaigns as a low cost method to experiment with new ways of eroding the financial supports and social license that prop up factory farming. Broadly, we want to move money away from factory farming and toward plant-based ventures. This approach could help animals in low/middle income countries and could be a viable means of slowing the expansion of fish/chicken farming. The campaigns provide a pretense for developing the movement’s capacity to challenge factory farming’s financial supports. We also hope to help other charities by demonstrating new approaches they could employ to help animals.

Divestment has been a tool successfully utilized by environmental justice movements, most specifically in the context of fossil fuels and clean energy. As of September 2019, it is estimated that divestments worth approximately $11 trillion from 1000+ institutional investors have been committed from the fossil fuels industry. While there has been some talk of divestment campaigns for factory farming, we want to bring it to the mainstream and showcase its effectiveness. Furthermore, it is important to us that our work focuses on regions where most animals are killed i.e. emerging markets.

As we are a new organization – the idea for Pivot Food Investment is only 6 months old – we need seed funding in order to recruit talented staff, conduct initial research, and run campaigns.