Mwamko Mpya group members

Phillip Otieno – Mwamko Mpya Self Help Group

Mwamko Mpya Self Help Group brings together people with disabilities to provide them a platform for psychosocial support, counselling, and engagement in economic activities for sustainability. The project is located in Huruma, a slum area in Eldoret, Kenya. Phillip Otieno, the project leader, was inspired to start this work after suffering from a spinal cord injury, losing his job, and suffering from discrimination. It was then that he learned of the challenges people living with disabilities face on a day to day basis. “By Gods grace am back on my feet, but I continue to use my experience and skills to rally the group together. We meet regularly for support, table banking, welfare, and using one another to lobby for the rights of people living with disabilities.”

The TPP fund will be used to buy a large tank and set up a water kiosk to sell water in where county water is not available. The project will provide employment to some of the members of the group as well as provide revenue for sustainability.