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Perpetua Kamami, Indigenous Trees Planting Project

Perpetua Kamami lives in Kiambu County, Kenya and is passionate about sustainable environmental management, and founded the Indigenous Trees Planting Project. Perpetua aims to address critical issues of sustainability in the conservation of forests and biodiversity protection by ensuring a wider range of indigenous tree species are more readily available to community groups. With the long term goal of ensuring greater biodiversity in tree planting initiatives, the project will also aim to sensitize the wider community to the value of the rare and endangered species in order to promote further participation.

Over the years, Kiambu County has experienced massive deforestation which has caused many problems including seasonal pattern changes, a decrease in river water volumes, and an increasing threat to the loss of national economic assets in tourism, energy and agriculture sectors. In addition to the economic factors, Perpetua points out, “Most of the indigenous tree species are of high medicinal value, …[and] will help in promoting healthy livelihoods.”

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used for planting 200,000 trees in Kiambu County, Kenya.


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