Paul J. Triller Mary D. Triller – Launchpad

Date grant awarded: August 6, 2018

Paul J. Triller and Mary D. Triller are the founders of the project, Launchpad, located in Serbia. Launchpad was created to empower parents to teach their preschool-aged children the necessary educational and language skills for successful entry into school. In most Roma areas, there is a lack of preschool and kindergarten-level schooling. Because parents don’t have access to preschools and kindergartens, their children are often under-prepared and ill-equipped when they enter primary school.

If a Serbian Roma child can make it through 4th grade, the odds of them experiencing generational poverty is cut by 50%, so early education is very important. If that same kid successfully completes high school, the odds are cut by 84%. Education is the ultimate expression of humanitarian aid.

Paul and Mary want to help erase the systemic stories, traditions, and polices that push entire groups of people to the margins. They want to change the world. The Pollination Project grant funds will go towards Launchpad workshops as well as a summer education workshop.