Patricia Watt, The Animal Support Project

In Cropseyville, New York, an all volunteer team led by Patricia Watt, Melinda Plasse and Mitch Valerien support animals and their owners through tough times by helping pets stay where they belong: at home with their family.

Their project,The Animal Support Project (TASP) has helped bridge gaps in behavioral issues and provides a variety of services such as: training, grooming, transportation, routine veterinary care, allergy tests, diagnostics and other necessary services, for all species.

“We believe passionately that pet owners who are going through a crisis, whether that be financial, medical or some other emergency, should not at the same time lose their beloved pets just because they cannot meet their needs, ” Patricia said.

TASP offers their services for free to pet owners with low incomes, and their clients are typically senior citizens, the disabled, the deployed, the unemployed, and the disadvantaged.

“By having TASP fill that gap, those owners need not surrender their pet to a shelter thereby benefiting not only the welfare of the animal but also the emotional state of the pet owner,” she said.

TASP also works to build awareness in their local community on best practices for animal care and emergency sheltering.To learn more about The Animal Support Project , visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 6, 2014