In Glasgow, Scotland Open Cages activists show supermarket customers the suffering chickens have to endure. Photo credit: Emi Riiko

Open Cages UK – Stand With Chickens – #StandWithChickens

Open Cages UK inspire people to stand up for farm animals who are treated cruelly and literally cannot stand up for themselves. According to recent studies, chickens show empathy and use long-term memory to solve problems and build relationships. Even knowing this information, each year over one billion chickens in the UK endure severe pain and stress in filthy intensive factory farms to become cheap meat. Open Cages UK seeks to prevent farmed animal suffering.

Their #StandWithChickens project documents factory farm conditions and educates folks on how meat is produced and chickens suffer in the process. They also influence supermarkets by pressuring stores to commit to specific welfare standards and be honest about the products they sell. These activities can create social change that will ultimately end factory farming and create a more compassionate world. Animals must be both free from harm and respected as sentient beings.