Michael Chapman – One Community, One Voice

Michael Chapman, A San Francisco Bay Area native grassroots community organizer, is the founder of the project, Storytelling: Voicing The Needs of the Community in South Alameda County (Hayward, Union City, Fremont). Storytelling is a multi-media project that will lift up the voices of youth and families demanding equitable policy change for Affordable Housing, Just Cause for Eviction, and Immigration Reform in the Union City/Fremont area. Their community is suffering a displacement crisis that hurts migrant families. This project will unite their inter-generational community to advance their efforts for respect and justice, while uniting them through the transformative storytelling journey.

Michael’s project will amplify the positive words that community members have about living and working in the United States. This work is important because the local City Council ignores the community members at council meetings when the community requests and states that they need Affordable Housing with Just Cause For Evictions and Immigration Reform. Within Congregations Organizing For Renewal (COR) and Residents Insisting on Social Equity (RISE), there are a lot of discussions centering on the ways in which their voices are ignored, and Michael felt inspired to create a platform where they can amplify their message. Along with immigration reform, so much is happening right now in migrant communities. They are under attack right now by this administration and government; their families are being torn apart, and they are consistently being dehumanized. Many Migrant communities are scared to take their landlords to court for an unlawful eviction or raised rent prices, due to them being undocumented and being scared of deportation.

In this project the Pollination Project grant funds will allow Michael to purchase a camera, video and audio editing software, and allow him to hold a website platform to host all of the videos, podcasts, and community articles so that their voices are heard.