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OM Yoga & Wellness Studios – Replacing Detention with Meditation in West Palm Beach

Every year our organization looks for ways to give back to the community we serve. In 2018 & 2019 we adopted the 3rd grade class at Pleasant City Elementary in West Palm Beach and along with our clients supplied over 60 students with not just back to school backpacks, however backpacks filled with everything on their supply list. We wanted Pleasant City Elementary’s 3rd grade class to start the school year off with no stress & equipped to take on the year! Did you know how critical reading on grade level is by the 3rd grade?

In 2020 we want to do more! We have decided to partner with 8 of our local schools to be certified as Mindfulness Schools through OM Yoga & Wellness Studios Mindfulness Certification Program. In addition to the certification each school will receive a hands on implementation RYT200 Yoga Teacher as a coach for the entire school year. This grant will enable us to provide implementation materials for the teachers & students.

We are so excited to lead the charge of replacing detention with meditation, yoga & mindfulness and look forward to sharing our results with the entire community!