Offuh James, Inter-Cultural Dialogue Reconciliation Outreach Project

The 2010-2011 Crisis in the Ivory Coast left thousands dead and ruptured the fragile social fabric holding the country together. However, in the wake of the conflict, Offuh James and a team of volunteers with United For Peace Against Conflict International (UFPACI) are helping to bridge the social and political divides motivating violence across the country

Offuh originally founded UFPACI in 2012 with the hopes of dispelling the plague of mistrust and fear that has enveloped the Ivory Coast in the years since the conflict. UFPACI’s mission is to promote inter-community dialogue through educational theatre, workshops, and forums, each of which serves as a platform for identifying, recognizing, and addressing divisive issues like hate, violence, and human right violations.

In UFPACI’s most recent program, the Inter-Cultural Dialogue Reconciliation Outreach Project, Offuh and his team effectively organized an intercultural reconciliation workshop for youth leaders from the country’s major political parties. On April 25th of 2015, over 100 youth leaders gathered in Abidjan city to engage in facilitated dialogue for chartering a path to country-wide peace and reconciliation.

Offuh hopes that his on-going efforts will help to prevent the use of violent aggression for socio-political change by teaching participants to understand and empathize with others.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: July 1, 2015