Odunayo Aliu - BRAMBLE

Odunayo Aliu – Bramble

Odunayo Aliu is the visionary behind Bramble; a project that creates alternative learning spaces for children in rural parts of Nigeria. The spaces are designed to help children find their passion for learning through play and use of creative resources. Bramble’s newest program – Shift Classroom – is a pilot project that targets children in the most marginalized part Ibadan.

The children in this community don’t have primary caregivers, have not been enrolled in school, or have dropped out as a result of poverty or lack of interest. Bramble uses a self-learning curriculum, which involves project-based approach and focuses on life skills, arts, and communication. The goal is to bring out creativity and critical thinking in every child.

Through the project, children who used to be on the street will have access to education and also have the tools to speak up against abuse and for their rights.