The 'OAK Stories' team, responsible for designing the programme and teaching at the Academy

OAK Stories – OAK Academy

The goal of the OAK Academy, designed by the team at OAK Stories, is to train the new generations of storytellers, so that they can acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to go out into the world and tell human stories. Our main objective is to generate a positive impact on society, through the education of young journalists, photographers, and filmmakers.

In a world where a lot of junk news is consumed, we want to highlight and share with others the value of the work we do as documentarists, clearly investing on in-depth journalism, and long-term projects. The world itself needs to start investing in rigorous, ethical and quality journalism. Fake news, misinformation, and lack of culture are some of the great problems that humanity faces in the 21st century.

We hope that through our workshops, these visual storytellers become interested in documenting and denouncing diverse sociological problems, as well as violations of human rights, around the world.