Northeast Earth Coalition - Crane Park Demonstration Garden

Northeast Earth Coalition, Environmental Initiatives Program – Crane Park Demonstration Garden

Date grant awarded: 01/23/2018

Crane Park Demonstration is a community effort supported by the township of Montclair, Northeast Earth Coalition (NEEC) and Montclair residents. Demonstration gardens are used in educational and recreational settings in open public spaces to demonstrate different approaches to gardening. The demonstration garden includes over 35 different species of native plants from the Northeast that are beneficial for pollinators and birds. The four-season garden will provide on-site educational information both about the importance of native plants and their relationship with pollinators and the environment. More than 340 native plants have been planted and the goal is to have more than 350 when the project is completed. This project will provide pollinator garden integrating edible plants to educate the community about the relationship between pollinators and food production. At the same time, the project will be an example of a sustainable and eco-friendly garden that visitors can replicate at home.