Autumn Gonzalez, Itara O’Connell, and Ruth Ibarra after a presentation on root causes of migration

NorCal Resist – Know Your Rights for Immigrant Communities

We, NorCal Resist, provide immigrant-focused Know Your Rights trainings, for free, to communities that are feeling nervous and threatened in the current political climate.

ICE routinely uses coercion, deception and intimidation to incriminate and detain their targets, gain access to homes and vehicles, and more. Being able to assert your rights in these situations is your first line of defense against these tactics.

Our Know Your Rights trainings cover the basics of safely navigating encounters with ICE and law enforcement, including:
Your rights and how to assert them, how to navigate encounters with ICE/law enforcement, what to do if ICE comes to your door, and resources available in our community to keep families together!