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Noeline Kirabo, Kyusa

Noeline Kirabo is the founder of Kyusa, a nonprofit in Kampala, Uganda that addresses youth unemployment in Kampala’s slums by empowering student dropouts to turn their passions into sustainable careers.

In the past few years, crime and violence among Uganda’s unemployed urban youth have reached unprecedented levels. Youth gangs are often viewed as substitute families that are capable of satisfying the economic and social needs of unemployed young people through violent activities.

Through Kyusa, Noeline will offer 30 of Kampala’s unemployed student dropouts an 8 week long holistic, experiential learning program designed to provide them with marketable job skills while fashioning them into innovative business leaders. During the program, participants receive training through a research-based curriculum that teaches financial literacy, computer skills, and business management techniques. Additionally, Kyusa will provide participating youth with mentoring and life-skills development aimed at improving personal self-awareness and confidence.

Noeline states, “Kyusa turns participants’ mindset of hopelessness into determination and confidence, empowering them to develop passion-driven careers and financial independence.”

For more information, please visit Kyusa on the organization’s websiteFacebook, or follow them on Twitter.

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