Nina Magpili-Smith & Polinpapilinho Katina of Intangibles Inc. – The Cultural Tree Healing & Empowerment Workshop

Date grant awarded: May 17, 2018

The Cultural Tree Healing and Empowerment Workshop, a group activity-based workshop that aims to develop the ethnic and global identity of the Filipino/Filipino-American youth in North Carolina and Virginia. The generational legacies of colonialism in the Philippines (16th to 20th century) are related to the mental and socioeconomic health of many Filipinos/Filipino-Americans today. These are often hidden by the Asian model minority myth, mental health stigma and the lack of research.

The workshop aims to reconnect Filipinos/Filipino-Americans with their own culture while placing emphasis on multiculturalism and environmentalism to enable reconnecting and healing with other cultures and nature as they realize both as part of their cultural identity, thus, commencing the attainment of compassion, justice, and active agency in promoting a better future for their culture and the world.