Nicole Cardoza, Yoga Foster

Nicole Cardoza has a dual degree in business management and advertising. After volunteering in New York City public schools as a yoga instructor for four years, Nicole realized that yoga was an excellent way to provide quality physical activity for students in urban environments.  In many cases, these kids   don’t have the space or the safety to play, and schools lack funding for a physical education program or sports.

Yoga Foster is a nonprofit initiative that brings free kids’ yoga programs to schools and community centers. Classes blend yoga poses and breathing with storytelling and problem-solving to help get kids fit, inspired, and more creative. As part of their program, they provide all the yoga mats and other resources needed to support yoga initiatives, training for teachers and other staff.  Since their launch just a year and a half ago, their dedicated volunteers have already worked with over a dozen organizations and over 450 students.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 11, 2014