Ngalim Franklin Njaiwo, Agribusiness for Schools

Date grant awarded: August 29, 2016

Agribusiness for Schools aims at educating students of Government High School Kedjom-Keku on agriculture as a business hence nurturing a generation of Agripreneurs in schools. Its principal objective is to train and engage the students to cultivate 3 hectares of maize, watermelon and cassava in their school farm for sale as a means to raise funds to purchase books for their school library, carry out student-development projects as well as register the underprivileged and orphan students for the end of year exams. The project trains the students on climate resilient agricultural techniques such as agroforestry as well as teach the children how to make green manure (compost and mulching) and organic pesticides from neem leaves, oils, garlic, onions, and organic materials.