Two children stand holding a backpack and an empty, plastic water container

Ndoto Afrika, Sanitation and Hygiene to Improve School Life

US President Bill Clinton once said that, “If we want to invest in the prosperity of our nation, we must invest in the education of our children.” Arusha, Tanzania may be 10,017 miles from California but this quote holds true across oceans and continents. The government in Tanzania has lacked in adequately funding its schools and thus its children. The conditions at Wema Primary School are heart wrenching: toilets full and overflowing, children on antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections caused by the lack of sanitation and a lack of running water for hand washing. To help address this need, the team at Ndoto Afrika have established the Sanitation and Hygiene to Improve School Life project.

The project will improve the health standards and decrease absenteeism due to illness at Wema Primary School through the accessibility of clean facilities. This will be accomplished by partnering with local organizations that will construct the new toilets and also having their local team member provide trainings on proper practices. They will also be providing the school with initial supplies of toilet paper and soap to ensure healthy hygienic practices. For long-term sustainability, they will work with the community in determining a maintenance plan.

A $1,000 seed grant will aid Ndoto Afrika in purchasing toilet paper, toilet paper dispensers, educational material and signage along with securing a trainer to educate on proper hygienic practices.

“I’m inspired by a people who don’t want a hand out, but who want to work for what is in their best interest.”

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GRANT AWARD DATE: December 11, 2015