Ndobegang Sylvanus

Ndobegang Sylvanus; Digeng Saraphine – Reclaiming Livelihoods in Fontem, Cameroon

Ndobegang Sylvanus, a humanitarian worker, is the initiator of the Reclaim Livelihoods project. The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon has severely fractured the livelihoods of over 550,000 people, who are now internally displaced. This conflict – which became an armed confrontation between the central government and non-state armed groups – started almost two years ago in late 2017.

Sylvanus is working with Digeng Saraphine, an IDP, to help restore hope and sustainable livelihoods for young girls, whom are one of the most vulnerable segment of the displaced and affected population, in the remote villages of Lebialem, of Southwest Cameroon.