Smash Glass Arts' summer arts program will utilize 90% or more recycled and upcycled materials in each class, including donated unwanted buttons, jewelry and more that will be upcycled into exciting new pieces.

Natalie Vereen-Davis – Recycled and Upcycled Art Summer Program

Located in a small fishing village on South Carolina’s coast, Smash Glass Arts is dedicated to preserving the surrounding waterways and forests in the most fun way possible: through arts, crafts, music, and creative programming. The 2019 summer program at the nonprofit challenges leaders and students alike to think critically about the environment by using at least 90% recycled and upcycled materials in all classes and workshops.

This wide-reaching program will include environmentally friendly art classes, writing workshops, sewing classes, and more, all of which will be offered for free. Creativity can build a community while also spreading the word about sustainability!