Profile of Namyalo Sarah

Namyalo Sarah, Garbage Recycling for Charcoal

Located off of the Eastern coast of Lake Victoria in Uganda is Bugadde, Mayuge District, where an estimated 60% of the population earn a living through deforestation of the government forest reserves for charcoal burning. Demand for charcoal is high across Uganda as it is estimated that 80% of the country uses it as a means for cooking amongst other industries. The effect of this deforestation includes a conflict between the community and the government. Namyalo Sarah has identified this problem as a means for change and is working towards achieving environmental conservation through her project, Garbage Recycling for Charcoal.

This project aims at equipping individuals who are often seen as inept in contributing towards the development of themselves, their family, their community and their country at large. With this, Sarah has identified to focus her recycled charcoal project with women, people living with disabilities and their families. Members will collect garbage and water, which will then be transformed into charcoal, offering a solution to the deforestation and keeping the Bugadde community clean and green.

The seed fund from The Pollination Project will help Sarah purchase charcoal molding tools, burning pipes, a mobile tent and sacks among others. This project will benefit not only its participants but also the community to whom the products will be showcased and sold. The consumers will then see the full potential that these individuals have to contribute to the lives of others and their own.