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Namubiru Patricia, Student-Run Community Garden

Namubiru Patricia, 19, is the founder of a community garden project in Kikandwa, Uganda, that aims to create inter-generational dialogue on sustainable agriculture to address local food insecurity.

Namubiru originally became passionate about agriculture during conversations with her grandmother when she realized that the knowledge of her elders was a powerful resource for addressing issues such as food insecurity, poverty, and environment degradation.

These formative interactions inspired Namubiru to spearhead an effort to incorporate traditional knowledge with sustainable agricultural techniques through the garden. The garden will serve as a model for future agricultural development in the community and is currently being built with the help of several students and community members.

Namubiru plans to use the space in order to promote the consumption of healthy plant-based foods, hold workshops on the relationship between economic development and sustainable agricultural management, host dinner discussions on community food resources, and ultimately serve as a forum for the inter-generational transmission of agricultural knowledge in her community.


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