Madina Dusabe

Nakivale Refugee Widows Association (NRWA)

The Nakivale Refugee Widows Association (NRWA) is a group of widows and young women living in Western Uganda’s Nakivale Refugee Camp, one of the largest refugee camps in the world “housing” over 60,000 people. Despite having come from different countries and culture, the women in the NRWA have come together to live in peace, as one family, and they work together to support one another and overcome the myriad of daily challenges they face. They also make crafts to earn money for their families and orphans living in the Camp. Some of the members have lived in the Camp for over 8 years and endured circumstances such as rape, abuse, poverty and the loss of their husbands in war.

NRWA holds weekly meetings to help women build relationships, learn skills and encourage each other. They aim to become financially stable so when they leave the refugee camps they can still be able to earn income.

GRANT AWARD DATE: April 4, 2015